ARC Library

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Agricultural Research Corporation (ARC) – Sudan

Central Library and Agricultural Information System Center

Historical background and recent situation:

The Central library (CL) of the ARC was established as part of Welcome Laboratory at Khartoum and was moved to the ARC, Wad Mediani in1930 to support the agricultural research activities in the Gezira area. The C. L. of the ARC provides improved specialized agricultural information services to the ARC scientists and visitors from other research and higher education institutions. The library works with other partners to disseminate agricultural information and knowledge produced in the Sudan at national, regional and international levels. The CL library works to introduce highly developed agricultural information networks and services to target users and share development activities.

The library stands as the national centre for AGRIS/CARIS in Sudan since 1976. The library also stands as focal point of the Sudan National Agricultural Information Network (SNIAN) developed and hosted by the ARC since 2004. It is also part of national, regional and international networks such as the Sudan Agricultural Information System (SAI), FAO-AGRIS, ASARECA, FARA/eRAILS, ICARDA, the Twinning Agreement (ICARDENALARC and University of Khartoum), KariaNet, AARINENA/RAIS, Arab Union Catalog, Afli  and AOAD. The library is part of related national, regional and international societies, partners and initiatives such as the Sudanese Association for Library and Information (SALI), Sudanese Encyclopedia of Agricultural Science (SENAS), Sudan Knowledge (SK), Sudanese Knowledge Society (SKS), IAALD Africa Chapter, Research4life, ITOCA, TEEAL, CIARD-RING and GODAN.

The library has developed its local Database and fully adopted FAO/Agris standards and methodologies. WebAgris application is used for data sharing and to participate in AGRIS Global database. The ARC has developed special fiber optics infrastructure and the Central Library server to increase internet connectivity and develop the ARC Institutional Repository and make it accessible through the ARC Central Library website. The open source systems Koha and Dspace has been well installed and training has been provided to the library and IT staff to achieve these goals.

Under the General Administration of Human Resources Development and Information of the ARC, the Central Library ARC work to support the ARC management and partners to implement national, regional and international projects and activities, aims to strengthening sharing of agricultural information and knowledge for development and to improve infrastructure and enhance human resources development.

Library holdings:

  • The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library (LanTEEAL) – more than 400

electronic journals

  • 250 printed Journal title
  • More than 10,000 Books
  • 20,000 Pamphlets
  • More than 1,000 Reference

In addition to theses, annual research programs reports, books and journals published by the ARC.

Library Sections:

  • Library server and electronic library unit
  • Internet and Training Laboratory
  • Technical processing and information services unit
  • Electronic publishing unit
  • Printed periodical section
  • Books and pamphlets section
  • Sudan and international organizations section
  • Photocopying services
  • Binding section
  • Reference section

Development of AGRIS in the Sudan:

Sudan joined AGRIS, International System for Agricultural Science and Technology, a global database and information system of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) since 1976. FAO/CARIS, Current Agricultural Research Information System, also started in the Sudan in 1977. The Central library of the Agricultural Research Corporation stands as AGRIS Resource Centre of the Sudan and work to implement FAO Standards to share and disseminate agricultural information and knowledge. The first records sent to this international agricultural information and knowledge system from Sudan appeared in AGRINDEX, vol.3, No.12, 1977. The Center as part of the Central Library ARC work endeavor to support national, regional and international agricultural information and knowledge initiatives under the leadership and support of  the ARC higher administration and work to support national institutional infrastructure and human resources development activities. The centre also works to share other AGRIS activities such as the electronic-discussion groups that has been led by AGRIS Secretariat. For more information about AGRIS please visit the page:

  • For more information about the Central Library and Agricultural Information Systems Center (ARC) Networks and Initiative partners please kindly visit the page URL: partnerships